Repost: How calls for “civility” are harming tech companies

This article originally appeared on Project Include’s blog on July 9, 2018 and is republished here by permission. As a 20-year veteran of the tech industry, I’m familiar with calls for “civility” in discourse — and the harm they often do to diversity and inclusion. Just last week, game developer Jessica Price, prompted by a man explainingContinue reading “Repost: How calls for “civility” are harming tech companies”

Bryan Cantrill has been accused of verbal abuse by at least seven people

It sounds like Bryan Cantrill is thinking about organizing another computer conference. When he did that in 2016, I wrote a blog post about why I wouldn’t attend, because, based on my experience as Bryan’s former co-worker, I believed that Bryan Cantrill would probably say cruel and humiliating things to people who attended. I understandContinue reading “Bryan Cantrill has been accused of verbal abuse by at least seven people”

Cross-post: Alcohol and Inclusivity: Planning Tech Events with Non-Alcoholic Options

This article is by Kara Sowles, republished with permission. It originally appeared on Model View Culture in 2014. In the tech industry, alcohol is currency. It’s used to grow event attendance, to bribe participants, to reward employees and community members. Informal interviews are conducted in bars, to see if potential employees are likable in a socialContinue reading “Cross-post: Alcohol and Inclusivity: Planning Tech Events with Non-Alcoholic Options”

Getting free of toxic tech culture

This post was co-authored by Valerie Aurora and Susan Wu, and cross-posted on both our blogs. Marginalized people leave tech jobs in droves, yet we rarely write or talk publicly about the emotional and mental process of deciding to leave tech. It feels almost traitorous to publicly discuss leaving tech when you’re a member ofContinue reading “Getting free of toxic tech culture”

The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment

This post was co-authored by Valerie Aurora and Leigh Honeywell and cross-posted on both of our blogs. It was also republished on Quartz. We’re thrilled with the recent trend towards sexual harassment in the tech industry having actual consequences – for the perpetrator, not the target, for a change. We decided it was time toContinue reading “The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment”

Another tech bubble is close to popping

Rent prices in San Francisco have suddenly shot up somewhere around 50% in the last year. Every time this happens, another tech bubble pops in the near future. Backing this up is Facebook’s stock decline and the continuing general trend of “We’ll figure out how to make money later!” I predict that we’ll see aContinue reading “Another tech bubble is close to popping”