Meet Double Union, a new feminist makerspace in San Francisco

This upcoming Tuesday, September 17th, 2013, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, the Double Union feminist makerspace is hosting a Tea Social and Lightning Talks at the Mozilla SF offices. Learn more and register here! What is Double Union? Since the last AdaCamp, a group of open tech/culture feminists in San Francisco have been organizing what IContinue reading “Meet Double Union, a new feminist makerspace in San Francisco”

Essential San Francisco software

Update December 12, 2013: In the most hilarious pretense at “community outreach” I’ve seen in years, the Outreach Coordinator at OpenTable emailed me to ask me to change my link to OpenTable below (hint: “community outreach” is pronounced “improve our SEO”). Here’s the email with the employee’s name redacted: From: [redacted] To: [redacted] Subject: RequestContinue reading “Essential San Francisco software”

Another tech bubble is close to popping

Rent prices in San Francisco have suddenly shot up somewhere around 50% in the last year. Every time this happens, another tech bubble pops in the near future. Backing this up is Facebook’s stock decline and the continuing general trend of “We’ll figure out how to make money later!” I predict that we’ll see aContinue reading “Another tech bubble is close to popping”

Ada Lovelace Day party in San Francisco

Ada Lovelace Day is coming up next Tuesday, October 16th, and so the Ada Initiative is throwing a party in downtown San Francisco. Details at the link, but I wanted to post here so I could make a personal comment: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first Ada Initiative event in SanContinue reading “Ada Lovelace Day party in San Francisco”

The best place to work-from-coffee-shop in San Francisco: Black Point Cafe

If you work from home in San Francisco, you have to check out Black Point Cafe (4.5 stars on Yelp!), a gorgeous coffee shop on the Bay. Besides the AMAZING view of San Francisco Bay from most seats in the house, they actually welcome people working on their laptops (of course, you should be considerateContinue reading “The best place to work-from-coffee-shop in San Francisco: Black Point Cafe”

Leaving San Francisco

I’m leaving for Tucson in three days! Apartment rented, movers scheduled, etc. Still no time to write something thoughtful and subtle, as I’m trying to get another release of union mounts today before I go on two weeks vacation. I’m going to miss San Francisco, but I’ll miss my friends even more. Thanks to everyoneContinue reading “Leaving San Francisco”