Fighting American fascism depends on understanding American anti-Black racism

Like many people, I slept badly on the night after the 2016 U.S. election. One nightmare in particular is burned into my memory: I dreamed that Rudy Giuliani, dressed in a Nazi uniform, was smiling gleefully as he explained to me that he was going to kill me with chlorine gas. Then I felt theContinue reading “Fighting American fascism depends on understanding American anti-Black racism”

More ways to fight white supremacy

At least three other people have joined me in donating $1000 to fight white supremacy: Leigh Honeywell, Katie Bechtold, and Alicia Gibb. They also suggested: Baltimore Racial Justice Action is “an action-based organization grounded in collective analysis of structural racism and white privilege.” In addition to a supportive community and educational events, BRJA offers consultingContinue reading “More ways to fight white supremacy”

Donating $1,000 to fight white supremacy

“Today, progressives are loath to invoke white supremacy as an explanation for anything.” – Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Case for Reparations By midnight tonight, I will donate $1,000 to people and organizations fighting white supremacy. Why am I doing this? Last night’s racist terrorist mass killing at a church in Charleston brought it home to meContinue reading “Donating $1,000 to fight white supremacy”