In case of authoritarian takeover, break glass

Reasonable people can differ on whether it is now possible to stop the authoritarian takeover of the U.S. government. If you still have hope, I support your work and optimism and don’t want to change your mind. (I personally wrote the first draft of this post while attending a protest of the upcoming Senate voteContinue reading “In case of authoritarian takeover, break glass”

Why climate change and the decline of democracy are happening at the same time

A lot is going wrong at the same time right now: the U.S. is descending into kleptocracy at best (fascism at worst), the U.K. is self-destructing, and the climate change is accelerating. Over the last few years, I’ve often wondered, “Why are so many bad things happening at the same time? Is it just coincidence?”Continue reading “Why climate change and the decline of democracy are happening at the same time”

Yesterday’s joke protest sign just became today’s reality

Tomorrow I’m going to a protest against the forcible separation of immigrant children from their families. When I started thinking about what sign to make, I remembered my sign for the first Women’s March protest, the day after Trump took office in January 2017. It said: “Trump hates kids and puppies… for real!!!” While I expectedContinue reading “Yesterday’s joke protest sign just became today’s reality”

Repealing Obamacare will repeal my small business

I emailed this to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee today in response to the weekly Wall-of-Us email call-to-action, and thought it would fit on my blog as well. Hello, I am a small business owner with a pre-existing condition who can’t go without health insurance for even one month. The Affordable Care Act made my small businessContinue reading “Repealing Obamacare will repeal my small business”

What white supremacists don’t want you to know: the Paradox of Tolerance

White supremacists are really, really hoping that you don’t keep reading this article. They don’t want you to learn about the Paradox of Tolerance, because then they’d lose a powerful weapon in their fight to make society more racist. Ready to make a white supremacist mad? Fortunately for us, the Paradox of Tolerance is easyContinue reading “What white supremacists don’t want you to know: the Paradox of Tolerance”