LCA laptop bag even cooler than previously thought

I have gushed about the 2007 Linux Conf Australia laptop bag before, but I just found out that it’s even cooler than I thought: My Macbook Air fits in it! Photographic proof: I mean, this is the bag that was so eensy that no one believed I could have a laptop inside it at all.Continue reading “LCA laptop bag even cooler than previously thought”

Focus follows mouse on Mac OS X: Only $14.95!

Okay, this is it for Mac OS X for me. I want (like any sane person) focus follows mouse. A few googles later, what do I find? Yes, for only $14.95, I can have a trivial obvious window manager feature! Plus a few other trivial obvious window manager features! Because Apple hates useful software!Continue reading “Focus follows mouse on Mac OS X: Only $14.95!”

Macbook Air part 1: Keyboard and mouse

So I’m running Mac OS X for the first time in about 4 years. I’m spending nearly all my time desperately finding keyboard shortcuts because I absolutely cannot work if I have to use the mouse on a regular basis. This is made harder because I’ve been using my teeny little Panasonic CF-R5, which isContinue reading “Macbook Air part 1: Keyboard and mouse”