Help improve open source, make the world a better place, AND travel to Australia

The LCA 2012 Call for Papers (speakers and tutorials, really) is still open. The Linux Conference Australia audience is bright, curious, and eager to learn more. In particular, LCA attendees seem to love talks about file systems and storage, and I know there’s at least one fewer file systems-related talk than usual in the systemContinue reading “Help improve open source, make the world a better place, AND travel to Australia”

LCA 2011 trip report

The LCA organizers have done it again; not even a natural disaster could prevent them from throwing a conference that lived up to the LCA standards: friendly, fun, and technical. As usual, there was something for everyone, from the hardened kernel developer to the person who installed Linux last week. Unique among Linux conferences, LCA’sContinue reading “LCA 2011 trip report”

Back on the speaker circuit

Over the years I have attended a lot of conferences, as you can see from this photograph of my conference badge collection: The badges are sorted into columns, starting with 1995 – 2000 on the left and 2009-2010 on the right. If the table was bigger and I didn’t have to squish the years together,Continue reading “Back on the speaker circuit”

The anti-schwag movement

Are you a conference organizer? Then you’ve probably had to deal with schwag – the endless pile of branded leaflets, cup-cosies, and badge lanyards that your sponsors want to “give” to your attendees. It’s a huge pain to the conference organizers – it has to be trucked in to registration, sorted into little baggies, andContinue reading “The anti-schwag movement”

LCA laptop bag even cooler than previously thought

I have gushed about the 2007 Linux Conf Australia laptop bag before, but I just found out that it’s even cooler than I thought: My Macbook Air fits in it! Photographic proof: I mean, this is the bag that was so eensy that no one believed I could have a laptop inside it at all.Continue reading “LCA laptop bag even cooler than previously thought”