Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions table updated

I finally got around to updating the Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions table to be current to 2012. I also licensed it CC-BY-SA. Some time when I’m REALLY bored I’ll include all the references inline, but Wikipedia now has pretty complete coverage of each hash function, including original sources. Here’s the current version.

Updating “Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions”

I wondered why my Twitter followers suddenly spiked and discovered that my old Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions table was on Bruce Schneier’s blog this week. Some people are complaining that it hasn’t been updated since 2009, though. So, readers, which hashes and results post-2009 do you think are worth adding to the table?

I don’t have much to say about Bitcoin, but I do find it interesting that, however briefly, there exists a direct monetary incentive to break SHA-256. To my knowledge, there is no provision for changing the cryptographic hash function for Bitcoin.

Particular thanks to Don Marti and Linuxworld for commissioning the article that resulted in that chart.