Choosing which consulting services to offer

Many consultants (including me) make a similar mistake: we offer too many services, in too many areas, with too many options. After running one mediocre consulting business, and one successful consulting business, I’ve learned to focus on services that: Require hard-to-find expertise Deliver far more value to the client than they cost me to provideContinue reading “Choosing which consulting services to offer”

Hiring a facilitator for the Ally Skills Workshop

Frame Shift Consulting is getting so much business that I need another facilitator to help me teach Ally Skills Workshops! Short version: We are searching for a second part-time facilitator to help teach the popular Ally Skills Workshop at tech companies, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as around the world andContinue reading “Hiring a facilitator for the Ally Skills Workshop”

The Ally Skills Workshop returns, Impostor Syndrome book, public speaking and more

After taking three months off work, I naturally decided to found another company! Allow me to introduce Frame Shift Consulting, my new consulting firm. I’m continuing to do what I loved from the Ada Initiative – teaching Ally Skills Workshops, advising companies and conference organizers, speaking – and leaving out what I hated – fundraising,Continue reading “The Ally Skills Workshop returns, Impostor Syndrome book, public speaking and more”

The Ada Initiative is ending, but our work continues on

A little over four years ago, my good friend Mary Gardiner and I co-founded the Ada Initiative to support women in open technology and culture. Today, thousands of conferences have anti-harassment policies, dozens of communities have codes of conduct, over 2000 people have taken the Ally Skills Workshop (and 40 people know how to teachContinue reading “The Ada Initiative is ending, but our work continues on”

The best place to work-from-coffee-shop in San Francisco: Black Point Cafe

If you work from home in San Francisco, you have to check out Black Point Cafe (4.5 stars on Yelp!), a gorgeous coffee shop on the Bay. Besides the AMAZING view of San Francisco Bay from most seats in the house, they actually welcome people working on their laptops (of course, you should be considerateContinue reading “The best place to work-from-coffee-shop in San Francisco: Black Point Cafe”

Google search loves me

I’m not sure why, but my personal web sites come up shockingly often as the first result in Google searches for not terribly obscure search terms. I’ve checked by searching in a browser in incogito mode and it looks like it’s not just that it’s biasing the search results for me specifically. Some search termsContinue reading “Google search loves me”