Signs that you might be an advice columnist

I started a new advice column! It is called Dear Ally Skills Teacher (“Dear Ally” for short), where I answer questions about how to support people with less power and privilege. If you are the person who is always answering questions about diversity and inclusion at work, and you’re tired and overworked and not gettingContinue reading “Signs that you might be an advice columnist”

The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment

This post was co-authored by Valerie Aurora and Leigh Honeywell and cross-posted on both of our blogs. It was also republished on Quartz. We’re thrilled with the recent trend towards sexual harassment in the tech industry having actual consequences – for the perpetrator, not the target, for a change. We decided it was time toContinue reading “The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment”

One way to resist Trump: become an Ally Skills Workshop teacher

We have a problem in the U.S.: 63 million people who voted for Trump, either despite or because of his record of advocating and practicing racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, transphobia, religious hatred, and other cruel and backward beliefs. This election made it clear how important it is for people of good will to learn theContinue reading “One way to resist Trump: become an Ally Skills Workshop teacher”

A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds

I just published a guide to changing the hearts and minds of lukewarm Trump supporters over at the amazing Captain Awkward advice blog. I took what I learned from teaching the Ally Skills Workshop and turned it into a step-by-step process for changing people’s minds effectively: identifying where you have the most influence, choosing whoContinue reading “A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds”