Advice for women in tech who are tired of talking about women in tech

To be a woman in tech is to be asked to talk about being a woman in tech, regardless of the desires or knowledge of the individual, unique woman in tech in question (see The Unicorn Law). This is a frustrating part of being a member of a marginalized group in any field of endeavor:Continue reading “Advice for women in tech who are tired of talking about women in tech”

Getting free of toxic tech culture

This post was co-authored by Valerie Aurora and Susan Wu, and cross-posted on both our blogs. Marginalized people leave tech jobs in droves, yet we rarely write or talk publicly about the emotional and mental process of deciding to leave tech. It feels almost traitorous to publicly discuss leaving tech when you’re a member ofContinue reading “Getting free of toxic tech culture”

Radical self-care for activists in the time of Trump

[Content notes: disordered eating, exercise] Like many of you, I’m struggling to take care of myself in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election. My friends and I are having stomach pain, trouble sleeping, difficulty staying focused on work, and many more signs of fear and stress. To add to it, as activists many ofContinue reading “Radical self-care for activists in the time of Trump”

Crosspost: No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities

This is a re-post of a piece by Leigh Honeywell, Mary Gardiner, and me, originally published on June 21, 2016. It has been translated into French. Content note for discussion of abuse and sexual violence. In the last couple of weeks, three respected members of the computer security and privacy tech communities have come forward under theirContinue reading “Crosspost: No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities”

HOWTO therapy: what psychotherapy is, how to find a therapist, and when to fire your therapist

I read this hilarious post by Amanda Rosenberg called “I Asked My Therapist How to Find a Therapist” and cry-laughed the whole way through it. (TL;DR: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Because it’s so true: when you need a therapist the most is when you have the least energy, organization, and resilience, all qualities that are helpful in findingContinue reading “HOWTO therapy: what psychotherapy is, how to find a therapist, and when to fire your therapist”

Between the spreadsheets: dating by the numbers

In my blog post about how to have more fun online dating, I mentioned the spreadsheet I made to help with dating. Yes, a spreadsheet. For dating. Because when you’re feeling romantic, you just want to fire up Excel and input some data! Nothing like an evening of writing formulas to get you in theContinue reading “Between the spreadsheets: dating by the numbers”

How to eat paleo at Trader Joe’s (mostly)

This post is about how to eat the Autoimmune Protocol diet – which greatly resembles what people call the “paleo diet” – while shopping primarily at the popular U.S. grocery store, Trader Joe’s. That’s pretty specific – why in the world am I writing this? About two and a half years ago, I stopped eatingContinue reading “How to eat paleo at Trader Joe’s (mostly)”