Iron and cheese: how I used lactoferrin to treat iron overload

This is a three-part series about how getting mysterious black spots on my teeth helped me find out I had an iron disorder, and how I found and tested a novel treatment for it. Parts 2 and 3 will be published shortly. Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making medicalContinue reading “Iron and cheese: how I used lactoferrin to treat iron overload”

Choosing which consulting services to offer

Many consultants (including me) make a similar mistake: we offer too many services, in too many areas, with too many options. After running one mediocre consulting business, and one successful consulting business, I’ve learned to focus on services that: Require hard-to-find expertise Deliver far more value to the client than they cost me to provideContinue reading “Choosing which consulting services to offer”

Repost: How calls for “civility” are harming tech companies

This article originally appeared on Project Include’s blog on July 9, 2018 and is republished here by permission. As a 20-year veteran of the tech industry, I’m familiar with calls for “civility” in discourse — and the harm they often do to diversity and inclusion. Just last week, game developer Jessica Price, prompted by a man explainingContinue reading “Repost: How calls for “civility” are harming tech companies”

Clarification of Double Union post

Last week, several people interpreted my blog post explaining why I left Double Union as supporting some specific transphobic ideas. I strongly oppose those transphobic ideas, and I am particularly sorry for the pain that people who are trans and/or non-binary experienced as a result. In this blog post, I will restate my relevant beliefsContinue reading “Clarification of Double Union post”

What I learned writing my first non-fiction book

I am so excited to announce that I just released my first book, “How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports.” You can download it for free from my business website. The book is based on a short guide by Mary Gardiner, and edited by Annalee Flower Horne. Responding to code of conduct reports isContinue reading “What I learned writing my first non-fiction book”

Finding food allergies and sensitivities

A little over five years ago, I stopped eating one food. About a month later, I suddenly realized that, for the first time in nearly seven years, I did not want to die. My history of untreatable suicidal depression, insomnia, and anxiety became just that: history. At the same time, a bunch of other littleContinue reading “Finding food allergies and sensitivities”

Double Union is dead, long live Double Union!

Updated on April 17, 2019. After several helpful conversations, I have decided to that I am no longer willing to host the original content of this post (but you can still read an archive of it here). I am deleting it because I was intending to support and center people who are the target of misogyny,Continue reading “Double Union is dead, long live Double Union!”

Something is rotten in the Linux Foundation

When I agreed to talk about the management problems at the Linux Foundation to Noam Cohen, the reporter who wrote this story on Linux for the New Yorker, I expected to wait at least a year to see any significant change in the Linux community. Instead, before the story was even published, the Linux projectContinue reading “Something is rotten in the Linux Foundation”

Bryan Cantrill has been accused of verbal abuse by at least seven people

It sounds like Bryan Cantrill is thinking about organizing another computer conference. When he did that in 2016, I wrote a blog post about why I wouldn’t attend, because, based on my experience as Bryan’s former co-worker, I believed that Bryan Cantrill would probably say cruel and humiliating things to people who attended. I understandContinue reading “Bryan Cantrill has been accused of verbal abuse by at least seven people”