Spreadsheet of signs of fascism

Several people have asked me to share the spreadsheet I mentioned in my previous post, the one I am using to track signs that the U.S. is governed by a fascist regime. Feel free to copy it and make your own modifications – it is licensed CC BY-SA 4.0 Valerie Aurora. Here is the current snapshot:

Obviously this is an incomplete list. I’ll be adding new things to it as new and more creative ways of being a fascist are thought up in Trump Tower.

I made this spreadsheet because I’m afraid I will normalize brutal and inhuman behavior, and wake up one day to find I am trapped in a cruel fascist regime – or worse, actively collaborating in it.

It is true that before November 8, brutality and violence were already a central part of the U.S. government and culture, and many people were already living daily in fear for their freedom and lives. What we lost on November 8 is the reasonable expectation that we could fix this kind of injustice through peaceful political change, in the style of the civil rights movement or the fight for marriage equality. Maybe our democratic institutions will survive the next four years, but I don’t feel hopeful.

2017-01-21: Update here.

5 thoughts on “Spreadsheet of signs of fascism

  1. How does “U.S. starts war for political or territorial gain” rank at -10k considering things like “George Bush and Iraq”?

    1. I think we can’t substitute in “Bush” for “Trump” and act like it would be remotely the same. The Bush’s wars were very bad and greatly harmed the world and human rights in the U.S. as well. A Trump war would be far worse.

  2. can you make the columns wider so we can see the entire content of stuff that runs off the right margin? then we dont have to actually go make a full copy.

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