Google search loves me

I’m not sure why, but my personal web sites come up shockingly often as the first result in Google searches for not terribly obscure search terms. I’ve checked by searching in a browser in incogito mode and it looks like it’s not just that it’s biasing the search results for me specifically. Some search terms my web pages come up as the #1 result on Google for:

LASIK story
Linux kernel consulting
Linux file systems consulting

Which reminds me, am I the only freelance Linux file systems consultant currently taking contracts? I don’t know a single other Linux file systems developer taking contracts right now.

It seems strange since I don’t make any effort to improve my page rank – I just write stuff in the obvious way. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I still write my web pages in static HTML? Or that many of them are years and years old? I have no idea, really. If I were an SEO consultant, I’d give some pretty strange advice.

2 thoughts on “Google search loves me

  1. I wouldn’t call “write good content, and just keep writing good content” strange advice. Unorthodox, maybe. Most of what SEO does is empty calories anyways.

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