ICANN nominations open

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ICANN nominations are open. The ICANN controls domain names, among other services that create a globally coordinated Internet. Maria Farrell, a member of the nominating committee points out:

So far, there are about 35 applications for 8 open positions. Half of them have applied to be Board Directors. None – not a single one – is from a woman.

The reason why I’m not applying:

I must say up front the positions are unpaid and take up more time than most people expect, much of it on anti-socially timed conference calls. But it can be rewarding in personal and professional terms to be involved in setting the policy for the Internet.

I’m already working on a project that will take all my work cycles.

Many women already work the second shift, so what I’d like to encourage our readers to do is (after getting over your impostor syndrome) talk to your manager about spending some of your work time on ICANN duties. Many employers would be excited to have an ICANN member on staff and it’s a great networking (ha) opportunity. Before you decide you aren’t qualified, go read the suggested qualifications. Sample:

NomCom seeks women and men who have demonstrated the maturity, experience, knowledge, and skills to handle the tasks and make the judgments involved in fulfilling these important leadership roles.

NomCom seeks persons of the highest integrity and capability with experience and talents for problem solving, policy development, and decision-making involving diverse perspectives regarding how best to accomplish the mission and responsibilities of ICANN. Those selected in the NomCom process will also be expected to place the public interest of the global Internet ahead of any particular interests.

In NomCom’s selections, such qualifications are more significant than is deep involvement in technical aspects of the Internet. The NomCom selectees are expected to be knowledgeable, or committed to becoming knowledgeable, about the environment in which ICANN operates and the technical functions for which it is responsible, but strong technical knowledge of the Internet is not the determining factor in the NomCom selections.

In other words, it’s okay if you don’t know the answers to the TCP/IP Drinking Game – no one else in ICANN does either!

Deadline for applications is April 4th, 2011. Go get ’em!

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