Census of women in open technology and culture opens

This post originally appeared on the Geek Feminism blog and is reposted here for posterity.

Over at my day job at the Ada Initiative, we just launched a census of women in open technology and culture. From the blog post:

The survey (intended for people of any gender) asks two broad sets of questions: What open projects are you working on, and what is your opinion of how women are treated in your project and in the open community in general? The goal of the census is to periodically “take the temperature” of women in the open technology and culture community, so we can know what areas to work on and whether the Ada Initiative is making a difference for women in the community.

The survey only takes 5 minutes to do. Men can take the survey, but we’re making a deliberate effort to find women to take the survey. Please spread the word!

4 thoughts on “Census of women in open technology and culture opens

    1. Argh, we got this right in the survey (options: male, female, and other) but I got it wrong in the description. I will fix where possible, and thanks for pointing it out!

  1. Some of the questions are a little unclear; is “well represented” supposed to refer to percentage of participators, or *representation* as in the degree to which women are given positions of power in the leadership of the project ?

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