Back on the speaker circuit

Over the years I have attended a lot of conferences, as you can see from this photograph of my conference badge collection:

Table full of badges

The badges are sorted into columns, starting with 1995 – 2000 on the left and 2009-2010 on the right. If the table was bigger and I didn’t have to squish the years together, you could see there was a big bump around 2006 – 2007 and then it leveled off.

I cut down on my conference attendance for many reasons, most of which were personal and most of which no longer apply. But I would like to start attending more conferences, and I would also like to promote the new open source conference anti-harassment policy. So I came up with a publicity stunt.

I swear an oath upon the K&R C Programming Manual that, for the entire year of 2011, if your conference, fest, users group, or other open-source related gathering:

  • Adopts an anti-harassment policy based on this or similar
  • Arranges some method to cover my expenses
  • Does not conflict with a prior engagement of mine

I will:

  • Speak at your conference about a technical topic and/or women in open source
  • Help you write your anti-harassment policy
  • If I can’t attend due to conflicts, help you find another speaker

Or, if you prefer, I will promise NOT to come to your conference – whatever floats your boat.

Some of the topics I can speak on are: Linux file systems, the TCP/IP Drinking Game, careers in open source, women in open source, btrfs, kernel development using Usermode Linux, practical git usage (ugh), kernel profiling and tuning, practical kernel development tips and tricks, and a variety of obscure and rather boring file system related topics (union mounts, relatime, chunkfs, making fsck faster, parallelizing IO, making ext4 64-bit, etc.).

I think I’m a middling good presenter – I got invited to speak at LCA (known for high standards on speaker technique), I got invited back to speak at LCA, and while people laugh during my talks I think they are usually laughing with me. Or at least that’s what they tell me.

8 thoughts on “Back on the speaker circuit

  1. Does that mean you will cover your own accommodation costs? (I’m not a conference organiser, I just wonder if I’ve spotted a hole)

    1. The idea is that it won’t cost me anything – there’s no way I can afford to fly around the world and stay in hotels on my own dime. I debated over the phrasing, let me fix it.

  2. Hope you’ll post the conferences you go to on your blog or twitter, especially if you’re speaking on women in open source.

      1. I got one for free – when the engineering-school-library where “tossing out old books”.

        Idiots !

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