Groping is a compliment!

I find that people who send me obnoxious “private” email are invariably pissed off when I turn around and make it public again.

Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 12:44:00 +0000
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Open Source groping
From: Doug Mitchell <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

> And yet, here it is, the year 2010, and my female friends and I are still being insulted, harassed, and groped at at open source conferences.

Give over Valerie, some day you are going to be not so good looking
and people won't want to grop you anymore. Besides for a lot of male
geels this is as close as they are ever going to get to a real date

Oh, right, I forgot – sexual assault is a compliment! And I should be grateful because it might stop someday and… uh… that would be… bad?

I love how the author couldn’t even be bothered to spell “grope” correctly. Trolls are so lazy these days.

12 thoughts on “Groping is a compliment!

    1. Oops, including the sender’s email was my intention – darn angle brackets! Email address now included. However, I couldn’t find any instance of its prior use. (I complained to Gmail about abuse, though.)

    1. Those forum users are not likely *both* that person. We have rules against having two accounts, so based on your allegation I looked into it (I’m a forum mod). Their emails and IPs don’t match each other, so one or both are likely just a namespace collision.

    2. Look at his forum postings, he changed his account name from “ymitchell” to “viralmeme” in July.

    1. “littly” – are you telling me you didn’t check your spelling *again*? *After* you went in for the second insult?

      That’s two own-goals, my illiterate teenage friend.

  1. There is a certain kind of guy who’s going to be gropey and possibly this isn’t the only line-crossing anti-social behaviour he partakes in.

    Does anyone here have friends that they respect and care about who go around doing this kind of thing?

    Most men (our friends and peers) are decent and intelligent and the ones who aren’t should be told to grow up and act like a functioning member of the community.

    Personally I think that some of men in this business sometimes have traditionally had less exposure to women and are inclined to sometimes behaviour inappropriately in a whole range of ways (not just gropey)! Much to our chagrin and frustration! It’s still not perfect being an ‘unbearded one’ in the geek world.

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