We now resume our regularly scheduled hiking

About four years ago, I started feeling like crap. Things went downhill from there. I tried going to doctors, not going to doctors, medications, taking no medications, exercising to exhaustion, not exercising at all, eating vegan, eating mostly meat, not eating at all, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. I think the only thing I didn’t try was acupuncture, but it was next on my to-do list.

Through all this my friends were awesome to me, if worried. So I want to let my friends know that, as of a month ago, I’m back to health, physically and mentally – so much so that I’m going on an 18 mile hike in the Grand Canyon next week. One of the hardest part of the last few years was giving up any sort of serious hiking and it’s thrilling to be back on the trail.

If you’re a friend and curious about the details, you can email me. But if you are as tired of talking about my health as I am, you won’t. :) I do have a word of advice for my fellow workaholics: If you’re completely stressed out, and it just seems to get worse, go read up on adrenal exhaustion.

Thanks again to my friends for being so understanding and kind while I figured this out. I’m really looking forward to doing something other than lying on my couch in a daze all day long.

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