I want an Elena Kagan t-shirt

It should be no surprise that I am thrilled – nay, bubbling over with effervescent happiness – that Elena Kagan was confirmed today to the U.S. Supreme Court. As of her swearing in on Saturday, the U.S. Supreme Court will, for the first time, consist of 33% women (well, technically, 33.3%).

As a rule, I wear very few shirts with words or logos on them, but I gleefully make an exception for Elena Kagan and/or the womaniest Supreme Court in history. What’s your suggestion for a t-shirt, hoody, bag, or other declaration of support for Elena Kagan and our shiny new Supreme Court? “Elena Kagan Rules” in stark white caps on a black babydoll is a good start. And can I get one in time for the Linux Storage and File Systems workshop on Sunday?

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