The cable company that saves kittens

The Internet is made of tubes, right, and there are two kinds of tubes that feed into your living room walls: phone tubes, and cable tubes. My experience with phone Internet tubes is that if you are very patient and pay the phone company to fix their own broken wires, you might get Internet sometimes. Hence, I’ve had cable Internet tubes from Comcast for the last few years.

However, Comcast is not the local cable tube monopoly here in Tucson, Cox Communications is. I went to the Cox web site and thus began my Twilight Zone excursion into a world of cheap convenient Internet service providers. I’m getting 15 Mbps for half what I paid Comcast! The call center guy didn’t try to sell me phone service! I could use my Comcast cable modem! They reprogrammed my modem remotely!

But here’s the best part: This morning, I heard a cat meowing desperately and ran outside in time to see a man climbing down the tree in the courtyard with a kitten clinging to his shoulders. As the kitten jumped down, I realized that the rescuer was wearing a Cox uniform. “Did you just turn on the cable for apartment <mumble>?” “Yes, well, actually, the Internet.” I barely had time to thank him and note his name tag – Michael? – before he dashed off to his truck, no doubt late to turn on someone’s HBO and rescue a drowning puppy.

So there you have it. Cox Communications is the best cable company in the world – they give you fast cheap Internet service AND they save kittens.

5 thoughts on “The cable company that saves kittens

  1. When I see a post like that I go to the company web site and see how much I have to pay for a good internet connection, it always makes me cry when I remember that I pay around $30 for a 300kbps internet connection that works badly.

    “Speeds up to 3Mbps, ideal for email and simple web surfing.”
    You guys have to be joking…

    Of course I’m from Brazil.

  2. I’m trying to think of something witty to say here, but… nope. Can’t. Your writing (and thus your stories) are just getting better and better, miss Aurora. (Where’s the “Like” button? WordPress is so 2005.)

  3. I went to Grad school at the U of A and had cable connection from Cox. They are indeed the best in business. Companies like comcast, at&t uverse etc. charge way too much money out here in the bay area.

  4. “Some guy called to complain about everything being spelled wrong on the internet, so I came out to see what was wrong. Turned out this kitten had gotten stuck in it, so I took the kitten out, and that cleared up the problem. Happens all the time, according to the pictures I’ve seen.”

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