Wikipedia wins

Apparently, I have a Wikipedia page again. So far this time, no one is nominating it for deletion – though feel free to be the first! I’ll support it this time too.

However, if deletion fails, would anyone like to add some links to my various articles and papers on there? I don’t have a complete list myself anywhere, so that would be one positive side effect of having an inaccurate third-party amateur-maintained biography on the web. Wikipedia is great, but every time I read an article about something I am an expert on, I’m horrified by the sheer quantity of mistakes and omissions. Go, web-two-point-oh, go.

10 thoughts on “Wikipedia wins

  1. Isn’t being horrified about the accuracy of written material something that you experience whenever reading articles on topics you’re an expert on ANYWHERE ?

    Well, except for Lwn, I guess :D

  2. Hi, the page is gone, but you do not need it there I think. All of us, who know your work, know how to find your work, and wikipedia is not useful to find this kind of stuff, better google :)

  3. Well, your name is mentioned on the Honeywell 316 computer website. There’s also a link on that site to your webpage.

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