Cat person deconversion

It is with heavy heart that I admit the truth: I don’t want to own cats any more. I still like cats, and I still like my two particular cats (Speak and Asterix), but I don’t actually want a cat of my own that lives in my house. Combine this with the fact that I will be traveling a whole lot this year (living out of my suitcase at times) and I have decided to find new homes for my cats. Do you, fair reader, know anyone who wants a well-behaved neutered cat (or two)? Here is a quick introduction to my lovely cats:

Speak the Wonder Cat

Speak the Wonder Cat is so cute that even veterinarians exclaim involuntarily when they see him: “Oh my gosh! He’s so beautiful!” He likes to fall asleep on my lap when I’m using my Macbook Air, which is almost as sleek and stylish as Speak.

Asterix is about as easy-going and affectionate as you can get and still be a cat (and not, say, a really calm dog). He’s an enormous (22 lbs!) black short-haired sweetheart of a cat. If Speak is a Macbook Air, Asterix is one of those huge black 90’s Powerbooks. (Bonus points for figuring out which obscure comic book allusions their names come from.)


I appreciate any advice you have on adopting out adult cats! I can keep both cats as long as it takes to find good new homes for them, but I would like to find them homes sooner rather than later.

Petfinder has some interesting advice: if you don’t know the person adopting the cat, ask for an adoption fee of at least $25 and donate it to a pet shelter. This is because apparently you can sell cats and dogs to medical testing facilities, so people will adopt “free” pets and resell them. This sounds a little urban legend-y to me but maybe I’m insufficiently suspicious.

4 thoughts on “Cat person deconversion

  1. We had to find new homes for our two cats about a year ago (our son was developing an allergy). We definitely had people answer the ads with very emotional stories, that went away without a word once we mentioned that we wanted a (symbolic) adoption fee.

    Freaked me out, I thought it was an urban legend too. And it wasn’t just one person doing this.

  2. I’m not offering to adopt your cats for several reasons that will be perfectly obvious. I hope you find a good home and retain occasional visitation rights.

    But I had to say that Speak is indeed a beautiful cat. He would be a lovely match visually with my mother’s lovely golden sleek Himalayan-Burmese, who is actually regarded with a fair amount of ambivalence, because she is living proof that at some point beauty overcomes an unattractive personality in attaching people to yourself.

  3. I don’t think Asterix is an obscure comic book character at all… but maybe that’s because I was raised on European comic books.

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