Solving the t-shirt problem

It’s hard to make a living as a writer or an artist on the web. I’m a huge fan of the t-shirt model of revenue – give away your work for free and sell t-shirts to your fans – but I have a small problem: I stopped wearing t-shirts. Dinosaur Comics came out with an awesome t-shirt tribute to Pixar’s “Up”, and of course there is the xkcd classic Science: IT WORKS, BITCHES. I covet these items intensely, but I don’t buy them because know I won’t wear them. Yet I would still like to (a) support my favorite writers and artists, (b) show how cool I am. What to do?

7 thoughts on “Solving the t-shirt problem

  1. You could suggest to the artists to provide other kinds of merchandise: jackets? umbrellas? posters? books? original artwork, professionally framed? quality stickers for laptops, suitcases, or foreheads?

    If cafepress can provide umpteen different kind of product, surely that should be possible for artists as well, though admittedly the more kinds of stuff they sell, the more work it becomes.

    (Incidentally, could you disable the link snapshot javascript thing? It is intensly annoying as a popup and breaks control-click.)

  2. you could gift them to your family. they’d think you’re pretty cool. If you go one step further and gift them to total strangers like me, you’d be *supercool* :D

  3. In general, I like the concept of buying merchandise to support model.
    However, I don’t wear T-shirts everyday and would prefer Polo shirts
    or just plain shirts instead.

    Also, I’m really concerned about the financial benefit to our favorite
    entity as well. e.g. I’m placing an order for a Golf shirt ($22.99):

    and Cafe Press is charging me $5.25 for S&H.

    So, I have a feeling that it’s a much better deal for Cafe Press than for the folks …

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