Riveting laptop

My laptop has rivets in it:

My cat knocked it off the desk about a year ago and broke one of the hinges. It spent most of the following year wrapped up in gobs of electrical tape with an assortment of picture hanging parts as braces. Last weekend, my boyfriend basically splinted the broken hinge with a combination of sheet metal, double-sided adhesive tape, and rivets. I think the new hinge is actually smoother and less floppy than the original Dell XPS M1330 hinge.

7 thoughts on “Riveting laptop

  1. Hah! I actually have the *exact* same problem on my Dell laptop, except what happened with mine is I put my laptop bag a bit too close to the edge of the seat in my car, and closed the door rather hard.

    I tried electrical tape too but yeah…not powerful enough.

    Where’d he get the sheet metal and how do you apply rivets? =)

  2. I feel the same way. I live a vegan lifestyle, use renewable power, use public transport 99% of the time; and then nuke all of my good work by flying from Australia to Europe.

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