File systems training classes experiment

I only work for Red Hat part-time; the rest of the time I write and consult on file systems. I’m experimenting with a new consulting service: on-site training classes on the file system topic of your choice. The goal is not a canned PowerPoint lecture, but a combination of in-depth personal instruction and an opportunity to pick my brain on whatever file systems problem is keeping you and your engineers awake at night. If you’ve seen me speak at a conference, it will look a lot like that plus an extra hour of question and answer time.

For the test run, I’m offering an in-person two-hour class, unlimited attendance, Bay area location only, at the discounted rate of $2500 for the first three customers to set a date. If the experiment is a success, I’ll offer more classes at a substantially higher rate. :)

If you’re interested, talk to someone who can approve training expenses at your company, and then email:

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  1. Union mounts

    Its some months without any discussion about union mounts on the lkml. Are the projects still alive? Anyone aiming for merging with the mainline?

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