Linux Conference Australia CFP closes soon

The CFP for my favorite Linux conference,, closes on Friday. That means if you want all the fabulous perks of a speaker at LCA (no sarcasm here!), you need to send in your talk proposal by Friday. I mean, how many conferences take all their speakers on a sunset dinner cruise past the Sydney Opera house?

If you’re not sure whether to submit a talk, go ahead and submit one anyway. If you are worried about expenses, LCA organizers put together a (limited, small) travel fund to help cover expenses for some speakers. They also go to a lot of effort to find inexpensive lodging options in addition to the usual corporate hotel rooms.

LCA is still worth attending for even the most jaded open-source globe-trotter. I have a box full of conference badges (literally); out of all these conferences, LCA ranks first or second in nearly every category: technical content, quality of talks, professional organization, networking opportunities, speaker perks, nice people, fun parties, beautiful location, low cost. If you are organizing or planning a conference, you should attend LCA at least once just to see how well it can be done.

5 thoughts on “Linux Conference Australia CFP closes soon

  1. It’s not entirely clear from Val’s text (which you should otherwise completely trust in every way): this year’s LCA, is in fact in New Zealand despite the A in the acronym. New Zealand is also a lovely country, you can tell by how much Australians pay it out.

  2. But not, I think, to an actual New Zealander, if you don’t want to find them smiling politely and then edging away to leave you in peace with their scenery. (Or at least, if it’s similar to bowling up to Australians and carrying on about throwing prawns on the barbie and wrestling crocodiles.)

  3. LoTR

    Not all NZers. Some will (still) incessantly go on about us being hobbits, at least to foreigners. Although when some of us do that others will edge away slowly :-)

  4. In the unlikely event that anyone is still playing along at home, accommodation info is up. This year there is better provision for couples and families than usual, which is something of a general focus for 2010.

    The CFP is about to close and there’s no chance of a further extension of the deadline. Trust me, I wrote the timeline for reviewing.

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