Security deposit update

Here’s an update on my battle to get my security deposit back from Citiapartments. The check just cleared at my bank; I got the whole thing back, including the legally mandated interest. After leaving messages for two weeks, I went in to their office in person and talked to the person in accounting responsible directly. She said something like, “I think that’s one of the buildings I can still cut checks for,” and went back to her office to investigate. Two hours later I had the check. Even then I wasn’t entirely certain that the check would clear, but I checked today and it’s in my bank account, only 3 weeks late.

During this process, I have heard of three lawsuits against Citiapartments: a state lawsuit, a federal lawsuit, and an up-and-coming class action lawsuit. I got my money back right away, but I think most other people won’t be as lucky.

2 thoughts on “Security deposit update

  1. check clearing

    Hey Valerie –

    Wait a few weeks before you spend the money, though. A lot of banks nowadays will make the money available immediately to you on “good faith” that the check will clear, which may still take up to 2 weeks.


  2. Re: check clearing

    Yeah, good point. I think I will go double-check in person at the bank and figure out which one it is.

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