Citiapartments keeping my deposit

My security deposit from Citiapartments is 3 weeks overdue. When I finally got someone to return my call, they told me that the money is “in lockbox by the bank” – whatever that means – and they’ll see about getting me my deposit. Maybe. Which is of course complete bullshit and I’m going to keep working on getting my money back.

Turns out I’m not alone: Outlook Not Good For CitiApartments Tenants Complaining Of Illegally Withheld Deposits

So, if you rent from Citiapartments, you should consider taking your deposit out of your last month’s rent. The worst they can do is start eviction proceedings, by which time you’ve already moved out.

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  1. I’ve made over $30,000 from landlords

    I’ve made over $30,000 by filing lawsuits against landlords for not returning deposits. In Massachusetts the landlord must return the deposit with an itemized list of damage deductions within thirty days of the end of the rental period. If they don’t it’s triple damages. I got one landlord for failure to return the deposit at all. I got another one for making up $4,000 in “damages” of which they were only able to substantiate $300 in court.

  2. Rats, that’s pretty evil.

    I’m trying to work out how it would go in NSW. It’s not a “nothing to lose” situation: withholding rent would get you put on the tenant blacklist agents all share (and the vast bulk of renting occurs through agents here). But then I recalled that all our deposits are lodged with a government agency, not with the landlord or their agent. So depends on how much you trust the government, whether this is a win or lose situation.

    Good luck getting your money back. It’s a shame that doing something with flaming swords and armies of the righteous would probably not be a good idea in the long term.

  3. Re: I’ve made over $30,000 from landlords

    This does rather depend on there actually being any money to obtain from them. The linked story implies that they’ve been spending the deposits in a desperate attempt to keep the company afloat, which implies that their assets are below the value of the deposits held.

  4. Re: I’ve made over $30,000 from landlords

    They’re landlords. You put a lien on the rental unit. The lien will let you attach their bank accounts. They always have bank accounts since tenants somewhere are paying them money.

    I managed to get cash out of both of my cases. Getting rid of the lien will cost them more than giving up the cash. The lien stops them from being able to sell the unit.

  5. This is why some (more reasonable) states require that security deposits be kept in escrow accounts in the renter’s name.

  6. Re: I’ve made over $30,000 from landlords

    That just means that not everyone can get their money back. The first few do. It’s like a run on a bank :)

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