Interview with me for Linux Magazine

There’s an interview with me by Jeff Layton[1] up on Linux Magazine’s web site today. It’s about, predictably, file systems:

Linux magazine interview with Valerie Aurora

I was surprised to learn that answering an interviewer’s questions was somehow far easier than writing an article directly. Often people think that because my articles are easy to read, they are correspondingly effortless to write. Oh, no. No no no no. But having an interviewer draw me out made writing almost pleasant and enjoyable!

And if you think the title is a little overblown – it describes me as both “evangelist” and “thought leader” – you should have seen it before I begged Jeff to tone it down a bit. :) Other than the overly complimentary introduction, I think he’s done a great job as an interviewer.

If you’d like to read interviews with actual Linux file systems thought leaders, check out Jeff’s interviews with Chris Mason and Theodore Y. T’so.

[1] Not to be confused with Jeff Layton the Red Hat file systems developer.

9 thoughts on “Interview with me for Linux Magazine

  1. Often people think that because my articles are easy to read, they are correspondingly effortless to write

    Quite the opposite. I’ve always assumed that your articles are easy to read because you’ve put the effort in to make them so. I’m very grateful that you do, as I’m sure are many others. Thanks.

  2. Sorry to be a pain about the title


    I’m sorry to be a pain about the title :) At the magazine we like to use somewhat “hyped-up” titles to grab people’s attention. Sometimes I make up the titles and sometime my editor makes them up (the BTRS article title was by the editor :) ).

    However, while I struggle with any sort of praise what so ever (sometimes even thank yous cause problems), I do think the title is fairly accurate. You have done a great deal or the community and deserve some recognition. Plus I think it is important for people to read the interview so the title may be a little more “attention-getting” than you would have liked. :)

    I thought the interview was great. Of course the quality of the interview is always dependent upon the interviewee and you came across really well. I hope people read and think about what you have written (BTW – I just read your LWN fsck article last night – really great stuff!).

    Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. I enjoyed it and I hope others enjoy it.


  3. Awesome

    You girl kick ass go go go go! I love all your articles about File System they are clear and easy to understand even for someone like me a newbie girl kernel hacker.

  4. What’s your opinion on tux3

    You mentioned a slew of filesystems and had some very interesting insight on each. You did make a quick reference to Tux3, but didn’t talk about your opinions on it. I’m curious to hear your opinions on it. It seems to have some really innovative and cool ideas in it.

  5. Maybe not institutionalised, but externalised seems to be in progress

    You mentioned in the article that there seems to be a definite life cycle to file system “wellness” (suitability is, I think, the word I am grasping for) and a lack of institutionalised memory of file system design. I do think these sorts of things and the FS articles I’ve seen from you (and others) before is a good effort to at least externalise memories of how to think when doing FS design. Keep up the good job!

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