Finding “Cookie Monster”

I am a Vernor Vinge completionist, so it was with great horror that I realized I’d somehow missed his 2004 novella, “The Cookie Monster.” I managed to find the first half of “The Cookie Monster” online in Analog, but got stumped trying to find the rest of it in-print. It’s apparently in back issues of Analog and some IEEE related magazine (!) – no luck finding those. I even ordered the wrong anthology on Amazon because it mentioned “The Cookie Monster” in the foreword and a different story by Vinge was in the collection. Fortunately, the author took pity on me and pointed me at the only in-print version available: Nebula Awards Showcase 2006.

After all this work, one might reasonably expect to be let down by the actual story (via the laws of Comic Effect). No such thing – this was a killer, give-you-goose-bumps story and left me with a whole new appreciation of cookies (in the software engineering sense).

Spoiler alert: Don’t read the Wikipedia article on “The Cookie Monster” – you can hardly glance at it without ruining the whole plot.

4 thoughts on “Finding “Cookie Monster”

  1. In times past…

    …the story once appeared at, as I’m sure you’ve discovered. Sadly, these archives have either disappeared or been locked behind a pay wall.

    Never any more may a bit be lost, but by the inattention of thousands or the efforts of millions; and those valiant few hell-bent on preservation earn our thanks at times like these. Lo, the story sought.

    All nonsense aside, I’m glad you eventually managed to track it down. Bloody good story. It deserves to be far more popular than it is.

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