Profession: Victim

Sometimes, computer programs have more insight than people. I just found NNDB and here is Keith Henson‘s entry:

That’s right, Keith is a professional victim. Ironic, eh?

And I just love that it’s so hard to find any reason why he’s notable that people cite this:

In Metamagical Themas Douglas Hofstadter credits Henson’s wife, Arel Lucas, for suggesting that the study of memes be called memetics.

Yep, that’s my dad.

6 thoughts on “Profession: Victim

  1. nndb

    I wonder how they determined that he’s noteworthy though. Certainly doesn’t correlate much with either what an individual has actually accomplished, how much media-attention they’ve been getting or how web-visible they are, so I wonder what the criteria is, precisely.

  2. Douglas Hofstadter is one of the brightest philosophers still alive. I’m sure some ancient Greek would be immensely proud if Aristotle quoted his wife.

  3. Ran across this tidbit on a random blog today (which blog has nothing to do with programming or scientology): “Keith and Carolyn Henson raised them in Tucson (in town) in the seventies, along with rabbits. They wrote an early paper on space colony agriculture, presented at the first Princeton Conference, based on their own experiences.” Small world. I would never bat an eye on it if not for your posts.

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