Random updates

Update your Val Spotting Guide with this nostril-riffic pic:

At the end of June, I am moving a couple of miles, from the Mission to SOMA. My new place is near 2nd and Harrison. If you’re in the neighborhood, let’s hang out.

I am visiting New Mexico over Memorial Day weekend. My hotel is in Albuquerque and I’ll be making day trips from there. If you’re in the area, let’s hang out.

I am going to try working in the Red Hat office in Mountain View three days a week. If you’re in Mountain View, let’s also hang out.

7 thoughts on “Random updates

  1. awesome! i think i know where you live. i used to work in that neighborhood, and i really liked it. the safeway next to caltrain is excellent. you can actually read my yelp reviews for that area, though i have to warn you that restaurants come and go all the time there, due to the fact that nobody ever plans for non-baseball season.

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