Sun Strategy Spinner

While discussing the recent Sun buyout drama, I tried to describe the Sun Strategy Spinner to a few people but failed to capture the full awesomeness of it all. Fortunately, it’s been updated and you can find it at the top of the latest Ars Technica article:

Sun Strategy Spinner, Oracle buyout version

6 thoughts on “Sun Strategy Spinner

  1. Nice one.
    I was about to write you to ask about the prospects of ZFS in light of all this acquisition talks, but now it seems that btrfs is the big winner here.
    What do you think?

  2. The terrifying thing about that is how the last couple of years actually represented the most stable Sun’s strategies had looked in ages, and they got swallowed by a competitor anyway. I guess there’s only so much gain consistent messaging can buy you if you’ve just had several years of “Desktop computers are dead”, “Linux is the future of the desktop”, “My 3D window managing technique is unstoppable” and “Let’s call everything Java”.

    But hey! Maybe dtrace will fix my market share oh no hang on.

  3. Yeah, loved the spinner, I have both loved and hated Sun. I’m watching the ripples from this change. It impacts me on filesystems, partner ecosystem, board support, arch support, package selections, and a raft of other things. Also unclear to me (I haven’t been watching the biz press) is how integrated pieces of Sun will be into Oracle will be, or how independent?

  4. I think btrfs has a couple of key design advantages over ZFS – in particular, use of extents as a key building block, rather than metaslabs. Regardless of my personal opinion, I believe Chris Mason when he says that the acquisition has no effect on btrfs development and support.

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