I exist on Twitter

So I’m sitting here in downtown SF wondering why so many helicopters are flying around, and realized, “Hey, this is what Twitter is for!” I got my answer: probably a protest march on Market and the accompanying news helicopters.

I created my Twitter account today. I’d been meaning to sign up for a while, ever since a friend told me she’d solved a problem with Google Maps breaking during a demo by searching Twitter. I still hate that Twitter is about posting trivial half-illiterate crap, but I now understand that that is exactly what makes it useful: 500 people asking a question and 1 person answering, in real-time.

If you want to follow my probably non-existent Twitter updates, I am:


As is my usual wont, I will only let close friends follow me, and vice versa.

5 thoughts on “I exist on Twitter

  1. I also find Twitter useful for meeting people. I’ve so far gained 2 speaking gigs by finding the people who run the conferences on Twitter and @-ing them until I got their attention. ;)

    I am pretty careful to post stuff that’s relevant instead of the “HI I AM EATING PIZZA FOR LUNCH” crap. Not 100% perfect at it, but better than most. I use it as a micro-blogging tool and post tips every day, for one.


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