Inbox zero

With the aid of procrastination on an LWN article, application of Getting Things Done lessons, and a little insomnia, I have managed to reach my version of zero messages in my inbox for the first time that I can remember, ever – without wholesale deletion of unhandled emails. (My version of inbox zero is that I have zero emails marked as needing reply; I don’t move my read email out of my inbox.)

I think this means that I have either reduced my commitments to a manageable level, or that I am a sad, sad, pathetic compulsive person. Given my schedule for next week (two conferences, two talks, and an article), I’m suspecting the latter.

4 thoughts on “Inbox zero

  1. I’d prefer to think you’ve accomplished something amazing; I know that I’ll likely never achieve zero messages in my inbox unless I switch jobs or worse :) or I one of those “rm /var/mail/$USERNAME” sort of things.

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