The invasion of the jocks

I went to the Thursday night party AGAIN at the California Academy of Sciences. I finally saw the rain forest, which was absolutely worth the wait. The butterflies are stunning, but my favorite was the array of tiny jewel-like poisonous frogs. I have never spent enough time looking at frogs before to notice that they look uncannily like lacquered sculpture.

The Nightlife event continues to sell out nearly every week. This week was noticeably different, though, in that I kept running into belligerent drunks. One insulted my friend in the elevator, staggered out to harass a museum employee, and then weaved off in the direction of the living roof. Even the touch-pool at the aquarium smelled more like a bar than the ocean. I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time until someone projectile vomits onto the albino alligator and they close down the bars.

So, if you want to get drunk (but not belligerent) at the science museum, I suggest doing it soon.

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