Ada Lovelace Day: Pauline Middelink

Today is Ada Lovelace Day. It took me a while to decide on a female role model to blog about. I know a lot of women in technology, women in programming, and especially women in kernel development, but I didn’t meet most of them until I’d already been a programmer for several years. I have immense respect for them, but they were more my peers than role models. But when it finally hit me, I was sure who I wanted to write about.

Pauline Middelink was the first female kernel programmer I’d ever heard of. She wrote, among other things, the original ip masquerading code and a video4linux driver. I never met Pauline or talked to her online (although I used her release of the bigphysarea patch more than once), but just knowing she existed made me feel more confident that I could write kernel code too.

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  1. You were the first person I ever met that had touched the kernel. And you and Katie (at that Oct 2006 DC LinuxChix meetup) were the first female Linux users I ever met…I think. Maybe met Cassia before that, but I think I was too shy at that LUG meeting.

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