FAST ’09

Yo! Forget not! The next FAST (USENIX File systems And Storage Technologies) conference is coming up February 24 – 27:

The best part: It’s in downtown San Francisco! Compare and contrast with the location of the last two FAST conferences in “downtown” San Jose.

I have several personal reasons for attending. First, it’s only a bus ride away, so my travel budget comes to about $12. Second, I had the honor to be on the program committee for FAST this year, an event which is unlikely to repeat itself. A third and directly related reason is that I’m very interested in the papers this year, in particular “Generating Realistic Impressions for File-System Benchmarking” from Nitin Agrawal, et alia at UW Madison. I can’t wait for this tool to be open sourced – it will be an enormous boost to file systems developers and testers.

3 thoughts on “FAST ’09

  1. Neat!

    This looks like an awesome conference. If I were to attend, what would your suggest I go to, the technical sessions, tutorials, both?

  2. Re: Neat!

    I’ve never been to a tutorial personally. It would depend on exactly who is giving the tutorial and on what topic. If you had to pick one, I’d pick the technical sessions. Most people attend the technical sessions. Whatever you do, don’t miss the NetApp reception.

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