Latest LWN article: Coccinelle semantic patches

You may remember my first post about semantic patches, which was mainly about how difficult Coccinelle (spatch) was to use. The authors got in touch with me and fixed most of the problems I was having as of version 0.1.4. I used it to great effect in both e2fsprogs and autofs. My article on article on Coccinelle for LWN appeared this week. As usual, it’s pay-only for a week and then free, and subscriptions start at $2.50/month.

3 thoughts on “Latest LWN article: Coccinelle semantic patches

  1. Thanks, that was an interesting article. I don’t write much C (as proven yesterday at Rusty’s lguest tutorial at when I freed some memory essentially at random and then wondered why my host stopped working) but the problem is obviously not C specific. I wonder if a meta-language for writing spatches for other programming languages is a worthwhile use of time (as opposed to writing spatch for other languages directly).

    Annoying to see your LWN comments devolve into a discussion of whether unwillingness to learn OCaml is symptomatic of everything wrong with the world today though.

  2. Hey, I judge the success of my articles by the number of pointless off-topic flame wars in the comments. :) You can only have those when you have enough people reading it that at least one person misses the point and another person takes the bait. Look at LKML!

  3. Maybe I should stop putting my patented “I’m not seeking advice” disclaimers on my blog entries then, in order to stop the distortion of my metrics.

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