Calling all video bloggers

SuperHappyDevHouse is happening again, Saturday January 31st at the Sun Menlo Park campus. If you don’t already know what SHDH is about, you can watch a video describing it, in which yours truly makes a particularly dorky appearance. The intro frame is of me, too, which means that for more than two years, my nerdly visage has been the “face” of SHDH. A wildly inappropriate state of affairs, you’ll agree, but when I suggested replacing it, the organizers pointed out that they didn’t have anything better to replace it with.

So I make my plea: please, please, please, if you have a video camera and rudimentary editing skills, attend SHDH and make a video of it. If pity for me does not move you, think of what you could gain: fame, fortune, and increased employability in the Bay area dot com sector!

3 thoughts on “Calling all video bloggers

  1. Oh sweet. Next time I’m headed to SFO, I’ll have to check whether there’s an SHDH on – I haven’t been to a really good hackfest in far too long!

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