Adventures in red hats

Things I learned about red hats this week:

  • If you can stand the humiliation, wearing a red hat is a decent way of starting conversations with strangers. At least in bars on New Year’s Eve.
  • Your average San Francisco bar denizen will know exactly what Red-Hat-the-Linux-company is. No, really. I know, I was shocked too.
  • You may drunkenly promise to help a complete stranger acquire a red hat just like yours. This complete stranger may live in the UK.
  • The Red Hat fedora costs $37.50 new ($33.95 with employee discount). Shipping to the UK costs $60. The Red Hat UK store does not carry fedoras.

I would like to learn that someone in the UK is reading this and has a Red Hat fedora that needs a home. Preferably a size medium.

9 thoughts on “Adventures in red hats

  1. Shipping is just part of the problem. Once it arrives over here, we generally have to pay import duty on the combined value of goods + shipping, and then value added tax on the combined value of goods + shipping + import duty.

    The best suggestion I can think of is to try asking Alan Cox, who has a red fedora, and has just left Red Hat, and so may not need it any more.

  2. Your average SFO immigration officer seems to as well, which shocked me more. Also, I am going from SF to the UK next month.

    Also also, why do you have a hat and I still don’t?

  3. Getting Red Hat’s in the UK


    There is a UK RH store (equivalent of the “cool stuff” store), or certainly the UK office is able to acquire them. I’d lease with someone in the UK who works for RH – my brother in law also works at RH, in the UK, in the worst case.


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