TCP/IP Drinking Game officially orphaned

There is a special time in the life of a project when the maintainer no longer makes the time to work on it or accept patches but also doesn’t quit as maintainer. For the TCP/IP Drinking Game, that special time has been the last two years.

I hereby officially renounce any claim to maintainership of the TCP/IP Drinking Game. I will remain unmoved by the mountains of teary emails begging for me to resume the throne that will no doubt shortly clog my inbox.

(If you are both nerdy and masochistic enough to want to take over, the copyright to each question is owned by the submitter. As long as you don’t sell something based on them, the worst that will happen is that someone might email you demanding that you remove the question they submitted in the first place.)

One thought on “TCP/IP Drinking Game officially orphaned

  1. As a nerd, I thought that clog in “that will no doubt shortly clog my inbox” was a an abbreviation of “change log”. What is it to changelog someone’s inbox, I wonder.

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