8 thoughts on “Free Linux in the Mission

  1. Re: Something useful for once

    PC100 has no market value. I paid $40 10 years ago.

    At least, I really hope so. If the answer is that I should have sunk all my money into PC100 a decade ago and now I could buy Sun, I’m going to be an amazingly unahppy person.

  2. Re: Something useful for once

    I meant that the stuff sold by the “crap vendors” actually has market value, not the PC. Last week I walked by a guy selling bread on the street. He had a whole bunch of basically Wonderbread in its little bags arrayed on the sidewalk.

  3. Re: Something useful for once

    But anything involving bread involves yeast, and we know what yeast brings and the value thereof.

    I do apologise. This evening has involved a myriad of yeast by-products.

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