World’s largest giant squid collection destroyed

What?? What self-respecting vandal would destroy a freakin’ pickled squid?

I suspect the giant squid display at the Smithsonian is better protected, but I still had better get there soon. After all, they are using some experimental preservative and they might unexpectedly rot.

7 thoughts on “World’s largest giant squid collection destroyed

  1. I just visited the Smithsonian squid last week — the inside of the display case was 90% covered in condensation/fog and I could barely see the beastie. It was still awesome though!

  2. Yeah, I tried to take a picture of it for you while I was there, but all I have is a bit of blurry squid-tentacle so I didn’t bother posting it. It’s more fun in person, anyhow — peering through the condensation makes it feel very mysterious!

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