I heard a 10-second clip of Obama’s election night speech last night and instantaneously teared up. Still! After almost a month! I mean, I couldn’t open a freakin’ newspaper for a week after the election without sobbing all over it in happiness, but this is absurd.

Everyone keeps talking about how we’re all setting ourselves up for a big disappointment with Obama. I say, bring it on, I’m tired of walking around with a big wad of tissues in my pockets.

Which leads me to the semi-sacrilegious display in the shop downstairs:

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  1. I have no idea if you all actually are setting yourself up for a disappointment with Obama, but it’s a general form of rhetoric I dislike intensely: don’t get too excited about government/leadership/vision, everything is always the same everywhere and always will be. Bah. Everything is the same, the same, the same, the same until one day suddenly the dam wall bursts and it isn’t.

    In any case, many Australians were ecstatic when the Rudd Labor government was elected in November 2007 and there hasn’t been huge amounts of emotional disillusionment when it turned out to be a centrist (possibly shockingly left by US standards) and relatively socially conservative government. I think people who expected intense disillusionment were misunderstanding the ecstatic people’s assessment of Labor: it’s not that they are in themselves radical, but that even the shift to the centre puts what they want more in reach.

  2. Hear hear, Valerie! I too can’t wait for the man to get to work; we’ve got lots of problems and his administration won’t be able to solve all or even most of them but I have no patience for cynicism at the moment.

    BTW, I too have the same reaction listening to the election night speech.

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