LCA laptop bag even cooler than previously thought

I have gushed about the 2007 Linux Conf Australia laptop bag before, but I just found out that it’s even cooler than I thought: My Macbook Air fits in it! Photographic proof:

I mean, this is the bag that was so eensy that no one believed I could have a laptop inside it at all. I carried around my Panasonic CF-R5 in this bag for a long time, but that laptop was about half the width of the Air.

Not to diss the LCA 2008 bag. It’s also a great bag that I use on a regular basis, it just doesn’t bend space and time the way the 2007 bag does. Thanks again to Brandon Philips for giving me his extra LCA bag after my first one died.

I am sadly not sure I can attend the 2009 LCA, but I highly encourage people to go if at all possible. I encourage people even more to submit talks for 2010 – speakers get wined and dined, taken on adventures, and even picked up and dropped off at the airport. If you’re going to visit Australia, this is the way to go.

4 thoughts on “LCA laptop bag even cooler than previously thought

  1. The LCA 2007 bag is still my favourite little laptop bag EVAR.
    Sad you’re thinking of skipping LCA 2009 though. Reconsider! Come give a talk at my miniconf! :)

  2. Actually, one of the three candidate cities for 2010 is Wellington, NZ, so… if that happens, it would be a good way to see New Zealand. (The other two candidates are Perth and Brisbane.)

  3. The primary design criteria for that bag was it had to fit my Thinkpad X40 snugly. I am glad that you find the bag size to be just as perfect as I do :)

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