Linux Plumbers Conference in review

The Linux Plumbers Conference happened last week, and it was exactly the conference I’ve always dreamed of. I’m clearly biased and a shill for the conference, but I’ll make one comment and then link to other people’s comments on it.

The LPC organizers really, really wanted this to be a working conference where developers could meet and have in-depth discussions about on-going problems and – key point – come up with solutions. I knew we’d succeeded when a V4L developer told me, with misty eyes and a huge grin, “We have… *action items*!” This was the first time many of them had ever met another V4L developer in person, ever, and they quickly worked out some vexing design problems that had been simmering for years. Several other microconference runners also spoke of action items with smiles on their faces. When you have developers excited and thrilled about AIs, you know you’ve won.

Anyway, a few other words on the subject:

Peter Graner, Ubuntu kernel manager:

Lennart Poettering (audio microconference runner):

We got to see an early Linux-based e-paper device with fascinating implications for X:

The LWN summary (paid subscribers only until Sep. 30th – a subscription is $2.50/month at cheapest):

And of course, Greg K-H’s keynote lived up to all my expectations for controversiality:

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