Giant squid on display at the Smithsonian

Bruce Schneier’s Friday Squid Blogging informs me that two giant squid are going on display at the Smithsonian at the end of September!

I am seriously considering a trip to D.C. just to see them.

No, I don’t know why Bruce is into giant squid, but I’ve been fascinated with them ever since I learned they were not, in fact, entirely mythical. It was like learning that, say, pegasusses[1] had been discovered roaming the Siberian tundra. My last encounter with a giant squid:

[1] I googled for the correct plural of “pegasus” and to my vast amusement, found that the best reference is a letter from the Laurel King of Arms. for the Society of Creative Anachronism dated 1985, in which he complains of not having enough time because he’s working for a “hightech startup.” This is amusing because (1) somehow I think of startups as something that began in the 90’s, (2) I used to be in the SCA:

Summary: pegasusses and pegasi are both correct.

7 thoughts on “Giant squid on display at the Smithsonian

  1. We *were* nerds? :)

    I think the squid installation is permanent. However, they used a new method of preserving the squid and they aren’t sure how well it would work, so I’d definitely go see them in the next year just in case.

  2. Also formerly in the SCA…

    Hey cool crown! It’s been so long since I’ve been to an SCA event that I can’t remember if that’s a royal crown or just a baronial one. So, which one is it?

    — once known as Kendrick Wayfarer of the Kingdom of Atlantia

  3. Re: Also formerly in the SCA…

    Oh cool! Very nice. So, does that make you Countess now or were you Queen multiple times and would be considered a Duchess now? (Assuming you still played, of course.)

  4. Win

    This post is full of win because it both featured Val in a crown and a picture of a giant squid. :D

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