Linux Plumbers Conf accepted speakers announced

We just announced the accepted speakers and talks for Linux Plumbers Conference:

It’s obvious this is a technical conference – topics include Early bootup cross-distro collaboration by Dave Jones and one of the first public talks on btrfs by Chris Mason. I’m very pleased; we really wanted this to be a working conference, attended by the people who can make decisions and implement them.

We also need people who are actually using Linux and can give us detailed technical input. Too often developers end up in an echo chamber where we just repeat the same faulty assumptions to each other. It’s great to have someone from industry break in and say, “Actually, we do have millions of small files in a file system, fragmentation really hurts us, and fsck does take way too long.”

Early bird registration ends on Monday; save $50 on your travel budget and register before then. We also have a student program; check it out if you are a full or part-time student.

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