Keynote speakers for Linux Plumbers Conference!

Woot! Greg Kroah-Hartman and Jonathan Corbet are speaking at Linux Plumbers Conference!

I still remember sitting in the audience at Greg’s 2006 OLS keynote and seeing “Closed source kernel modules are illegal” pop up in big red letters on the projector screen. My eyeballs nearly fell out of my head. Saying that so publicly and definitely (and while representing Novell) took some major guts – and a lot of preparation. The text and slides from the keynote are here:

I make no claims that any such momentous event will happen at LPC, but I’m definitely attending Greg’s keynote.

Jon Corbet is, of course, awesome, but then I have a conflict of interest because he keeps buying my articles for LWN. :) He’ll be giving us his summary on where Linux is right now and where it’s going. I expect some interesting news from Kernel Summit, which co-located with and just prior to LPC. It’s great to have someone like Jon who is both a good writer and speaker, and a bona fide kernel developer. You’ll never hear him say “real-time technology” or “leverage the community.”

Oh, and we announced an early bird registration deadline – the fee goes up from a paltry $250 to a still paltry $300 on August 18th. Get your travel budget approved and your hotel rooms booked, we’re a-goin’ to Portland! I’m planning a group outing to Teardrop Lounge on Thursday night, and probably after the parties on Tuesday and Wednesday night too. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on this place while I lived in Portland.

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